Friday, December 28, 2012

Grupos Vida :: Enero 9 :: Viernes :: 730p

*Si quiere ser parte de nuestros Grupos Vida comuniquese con nosotros a 321.733.0059*

Wednesdays, starting January 9th at 7:30pm 
Find your group near by you, by calling our offices at the number above.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Come and learn how to use your Sunday Newspaper coupons to save 50% or more in your groceries!!

at 7:30pm
Friday, Nov. 29, 2012

@1180 San Filippo Dr., Palm Bay, FL

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nuevo Año Nuevo Lugar

¡Nos Mudamos!

Nuestro ultimo servicio en San Filippo Drive

Primer servicio en el nuevo lugar

Una palabra de nuestra Pastora

Monday, October 1, 2012

This "Harvest Festival" is for all ages! The little ones will love it most of course! 
~All games will be FREE with many prizes~
We will also have a LIVE band playing

We will be in the fields of:

1180 San Filippo Dr SE
Palm Bay, FL 32909

Any questions?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Testimonio de Sanidad ~ Healing Testimony

La familia Solis ha estado con nuestra iglesia por varios años, y este no ha sido el unico reto en sus vidas. Maria Solis, la mama, ya venia con el testimonio de sanidad de Cancer de Seno, Dios la sano. Ahora escuchen el milagro que Dios hizo otravez!

~¡La sanidad no es solo para esta familia, pero para todos en Cristo Jesus!~

((English Below))

The Solis family has been with our church for various years, and this has not been the first challenge in their lives. Maria Solis, the mother, already had a healing testimony where God healed her from Breast Cancer. Now see and hear how God did another miracle in her family!

~Physical healing is not only for this family, but for all in Christ Jesus!~

Their daughter was found to have several tumor behind her eye in which did not allow her to see very well, until it got to the point where she couldn't see at all. When she was taken to the doctor, the doctors diagnosed her with a form of Cancer called Retina Blastoma. She was seen by various doctors that kept on referring her to other doctors. The ended up in Miami, at a doctor that took another look.  After a little bit more than a month of constant prayer, this last doctor declared she did not have the Cancer anymore.

The tumors continue to be there, they are currently doing laser treatments to get rid of them. After the last laser treatment, she was testing her daughters' vision and her daughter (Kimberly) told her she could see her better. The doctors had also told her that even though the tumors were removed she would not be able to see. Glory to God her vision is coming back!